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A range of information regarding BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies is available by clicking on the links below. 

Please note, some of the information is specific to Australian BREEDPLAN members. BREEDPLAN members in other countries should contact their relevant BREEDPLAN contact for information. 

Promotional brochures that contain general information about BREEDPLAN and related technologies

A comprehensive range of easy to read tip sheets relating to BREEDPLAN, Selection Indexes and Internet Solutions

A range of booklets which provide more detailed information regarding many components of BREEDPLAN

A series of short video presentations explaining many components of BREEDPLAN and related technologies

Breed Specific Documents
A range of documents that are specific to each Breed Society in Australia, including up to date Breed Average EBVs and Percentile Tables

Getting Started With BREEDPLAN
A range of introductory information for producers beginning to performance record with BREEDPLAN

MateSel - Optimised Mating Allocation
A range of information relating to MateSel, a mating allocation tool for beef seedstock producers

Completeness of Performance
A range of documents relating to the "Completeness of Performance" product, including copies of each star rating logo

Accredited Technicians
A list of accredited technicians for ultrasound scanning and structural assessment

Performance Submission Dates
A list of the performance submission deadlines that apply for the GROUP BREEDPLAN analyses that are conducted in Australia

Microsoft Excel Templates
Microsoft Excel templates that can be used to submit performance to the BREEDPLAN office in Australia

BREEDPLAN Compatible Software Tips
A range of tip sheets that provide assistance in the use of BREEDPLAN compatible herd recording computer programs

File Layouts for Software Companies
File layout specifications required by software companies for the electronic transfer of information to Breed Societies and BREEDPLAN    

Standard Codes
Lists of standard codes used in data submission to BREEDPLAN