BREEDPLAN Compatible Software Tips

There are currently a number of commercially available computer programs that are compatible with BREEDPLAN. These program include capabilities such as the electronic submission of performance information and importation of updated EBVs. The "BREEDPLAN Compatible Software Tips" provide specific advice regarding the use of these herd recording programs when using them for your BREEDPLAN recording.

Note - The following tip sheets have been provided by the software company marketing the program. Should you have any queries and/or require any further assistance, please contact the software company directly.

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  HerdMASTER – Submitting Weights, Scanning and Traits to BREEDPLAN
  HerdMASTER – Submitting Mature Cow Weights to BREEDPLAN
  HerdMASTER – Submitting Days to Calving Information to BREEDPLAN
  HerdMASTER - Recording and Submitting Carcase Data 
  HerdMASTER - Optimal Recording Dates for BREEDPLAN Data
  HerdMASTER - BREEDPLAN Completeness of Performance Comparison
  HerdMASTER - Fating Animals
  All HerdMASTER Tipsheets



  StockBook – Submitting Weights, Scanning & Traits to BREEDPLAN (400 kB)
  StockBook – Submitting Matings & Fates to BREEDPLAN (393 kB)
  StockBook – Submitting Abattoir Caracase Data to BREEDPLAN (236 kB)
  StockBook – Submitting Calf Registrations to Your Breed Society (380 kB)
  StockBook – Importing BREEDPLAN EBVs into StockBook (321 kB)
  StockBook – Setting Up Breed Society Settings (244 kB)



  stockIT – Submitting Weights to BREEDPLAN (1.6 MB)
  stockIT – Submitting Traits to BREEDPLAN (1.5 MB)
  stockIT – Importing BREEDPLAN EBVs into stockIT (1.6 MB)

Kool software


Weight, Scan & Trait submissions  (257 kB)

 Structural Score Submissions  (260 kB)
 Preg Testing Submissions  (206 kB)
 Joining Submissions (205 kB)
 Fate Submissions (198 kB)
 Calf Registration Submissions (270 kB)



All documents are in Adobe PDF format. Adobe Acrobat will need to be installed on your computer for you to view them. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can download if from the following link: