File Layouts for Software Companies

The following documents contain the file layouts required by software companies for the electronic transfer of information from herd management software programs to Breed Societies and BREEDPLAN.

Import Formats describe the file layout of files sent from Breed Societies and BREEDPLAN to users of herd management software programs. Export Formats describe the file layout of files sent from users of herd management software programs to Breed Societies and BREEDPLAN.

Note - It is the responsibility of the software company to liaise with both Breed Societies and BREEDPLAN to test the compatibility of their software program when releasing a major new version of their software, or sending data to a new Breed Society for the first time.    

For further information, please contact staff at the Agricultural Business Research Institute on +61 2 6773 3555.

Import Formats

Import Format - Initial Extract of Historic Data (62 kB)
Import Format - BREEDPLAN EBVs & Accuracies (158 kB)

Export Formats

Export Format - Calf Registrations (94 kB)
Export Format – Weight and Scanning Performance (44 kB)
Export Format - Trait Information (83 kB)
Export Format - Mating & Animal Fate Information (56 kB)

All documents are in Adobe PDF format. Adobe Acrobat will need to be installed on your computer for you to view them. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can download if from the following link: