Completeness of Performance
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The “Completeness of Performance” product is one component in a suite of quality assurance products that have been developed by staff at the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI), in association with both Southern Beef Technology Services (SBTS) and Tropical Beef Technology Services (TBTS), in order to maintain the ongoing integrity of BREEDPLAN EBVs.

One of the key factors underpinning the accuracy of EBVs is the quantity of performance information that has been recorded with BREEDPLAN and the “Completeness of Performance” product assesses the quantity of pedigree and performance information that has been submitted to BREEDPLAN by an individual seedstock herd.

The standard “Completeness of Performance” product is comprised of two major components.   
(i) Annual distribution of “Completeness of Performance” reports to each individual BREEDPLAN member
(ii) Production of a “Completeness of Performance” star rating for each individual BREEDPLAN member

For futher information regarding the "Completeness of Performance" herd rating system, click here to download the product brochure.

Download Completeness of Performance Rating Logos (Colour)

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