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How to submit performance data to BREEDPLAN (with video)

Once you have collected your animals’ performance data, and the animals are recorded with your Breed Society, you can submit this data to BREEDPLAN. As mentioned earlier, BREEDPLAN shares the same database as each Breed Society, therefore it is paramount that an animal’s performance data be submitted with its full and correct Breed Society identification, so the performance is attributed to the correct animal.

There are a number of options for submitting performance data to BREEDPLAN:

  1. Paper Forms – these forms are mailed to you by staff at BREEDPLAN. Completed forms are then returned to BREEDPLAN by post, or scanned and emailed.
  2. Excel Spreadsheet – A formatted Excel spreadsheet is available from staff at BREEDPLAN or from the BREEDPLAN website. To submit your performance, fill out the spreadsheet and simply send it as an email attachment to the BREEDPLAN office.
    Available templates are for Weights & ScanningJoining InformationStructural Scoring  and  MateSel.
  3. Compatible Herd Recording Program (e.g. HerdMaster, StockBook, CattleLink) – contact your Herd Recording Program support team for instructions on how to extract performance data for BREEDPLAN. Once extracted, this information can then be emailed to BREEDPLAN as an email attachment.
  4. Internet Solutions Online Submission Facility – Some Breed Societies offer their members an online registration and performance submission service through their website’s member login area. Members can choose to create a “Submission Batch” of performance data, which is then sent directly to BREEDPLAN for processing. For more information about using the Online Submission Facility contact BREEDPLAN or read the “A Guide to Internet Solutions” Booklet, available for download on this page.