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Interpreting Performance Herds Australia Selection Indexes

There is one selection index calculated for animals recorded with Performance Herds Australia. This is the MSA–B2 Index.

The MSA-B2 Index relates to a typical self replacing commercial herd using Shorthorn bulls and targeting the following specifications.

MSA-B2 Index ($) - Estimates the genetic differences between animals in net profitability per cow joined for an example commercial British bred herd (eg Shorthorn, Angus or Hereford cows) in either a cool Temperate/Mediterranean or warm Temperate /Grassland environment targeting the production of steers for either the heavy domestic MSA food service market or the Japanese B2 export market. Steers are pasture grown to feedlot entry at 16 months then grain finished for 120 days to be slaughtered at 19 months weighing 620 kg with a carcase weight of 340 kg. Select heifers are retained for breeding and the balance grass fattened to MSA slaughter at 540 kg (290 kg carcase weight).

All selection indexes are reported as an EBV, in units of relative earning capacity ($) for the given production/market scenario. They reflect both the short term profit generated by a sire through the sale of his progeny, and the longer term profit generated by his daughters in a self replacing cow herd. All selection index values have been derived using BreedObject technology.