Single-Step Update

Feb 2024

The BREEDPLAN team has recently issued several announcements regarding the introduction of Single-
Step BREEDPLAN for numerous cattle breeds in Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South
Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Single-Step BREEDPLAN evaluation utilises pedigree, performance, and genomic information
simultaneously and takes account of each animal’s actual genetic relationship with all other genotyped
animals, including those in the reference population.

ABRI are pleased to announce the following Single-Step BREEDPLAN analyses are planned to be released in 2024:

There are currently 16 Single-Step BREEDPLAN analyses that have been announced publicly that are being utilised by Breed Societies globally:

Please reach out to the friendly ABRI Extension Services team if you require any assistance. They are available for workshops, seminars, online training, herd consultations and are specialised in presenting on a wide range of beef breeding and genetic topics.

Let’s work together to optimise the use and understanding of BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies in the beef industry.