Benchmarking Tool

TakeStock is a powerful benchmarking tool for the beef seedstock industry. TakeStock collates all available BREEDPLAN and Selection Index information to provide beef cattle breeders with a tool that enables them to assess and improve the rate of genetic progress in their herds.

Takestock enhances the ability of breeders to manage genetic change. It enables seedstock breeders to focus on the key variables affecting the rate of genetic gain being made for the particular breeding objective of their commercial clients.

TakeStock functions

TakeStock uses the pedigree and performance information that has been recorded with each Breed Society to:

  • Provide a range of statistics relating to the genetic structure of the breed and individual herds.
  • Evaluate the rate of genetic progress that has been made by the breed and then individual herds within it.
  • Determine the key factors that explain significant differences in the rate of genetic progress between herds within a breed across a given period of years. These factors are known as Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The KPIs help breeders identify the type of factors that had the greatest impact on the rate of genetic progress made by herds within their breed. Herds are rated for their performance against each KPI to benchmark the performance of their breeding program.
  • To do this, TakeStock assesses the genetic progress that a herd has made for each Selection Index and benchmarks the individual herd’s progress with the genetic progress that has been made by the breed as a whole.