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The BREEDPLAN Advantages

1. Validated by Science. The BREEDPLAN technology is continuously validated to ensure that the system is working and that any new developments directly benefit cattle breeders.

2. Supporting Our Users. The support provided to users of the BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation system far exceeds that provided by other systems.

3. Constantly Evolving. BREEDPLAN was the first in the world to use the BLUP statistical methodology and has continued to evolve to include the latest developments.

4. ABRI Companion Products. The Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) provides multiple companion products to enhance the use of the BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation system and the results provided by it.

5. IndependenceBREEDPLAN provides an unbiased genetic evaluation service based on scientifically validated methods and technologies. There is no incentive to upsell supporting products and services unless they have been shown to benefit our clients.

6. Supported by ResearchBREEDPLAN is supported by many research projects around the world that supply data that is included into BREEDPLAN genetic evaluations.

7. CompatibilityA unique feature of BREEDPLAN is its ability to utilise data from multiple sources in a single analysis.

8. BreedObject Selection IndexesBreedObject provides the most advanced selection indexes in the world to ensure that they account for all sources of profit and loss in a beef production system.

9. Data Quality ChecksBREEDPLAN has several data quality checks that are routinely carried out to ensure the accuracy of the data that enters the genetic evaluation.

10. Multi-Trait AnalysisBREEDPLAN analyses all quantitative traits in a single analysis to utilise all known genetic relationships between traits, remove selection bias and ensure that animals are compared consistently for all traits.

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