Completeness of Performance

Completeness of Performance

One of the key factors underpinning the accuracy of EBVs is the quantity of performance information that has been recorded with BREEDPLAN and the “Completeness of Performance” product assesses the quantity of pedigree and performance information that has been submitted to BREEDPLAN by an individual seedstock herd.

The standard “Completeness of Performance” product is comprised of two major components:
(i) Annual distribution of “Completeness of Performance” reports to each individual BREEDPLAN member
(ii) Production of a “Completeness of Performance” star rating for each individual BREEDPLAN member

The “Completeness of Performance” reports allow members of BREEDPLAN to assess how “complete” the information is for their animals and importantly identify areas in which additional performance information could potentially be recorded. The reports provide a summary of the information that the seedstock herd has submitted to BREEDPLAN. A range of statistics are provided within the reports including details of the pedigree, weight, carcase, birth and fertility information that has been recorded.

The reports also play an important role in enabling members to double check that the performance information that they have collected on their animals has been recorded with BREEDPLAN.

Star Rating

The “Completeness of Performance” star rating is an extension of the reports and can be implemented at the discretion of each individual Breed Society conducting a BREEDPLAN evaluation.

The star rating for each herd is calculated based on the proportion of calves within the herd born in a fixed 5 year period that have performance recorded for each trait. Different criteria are used within each individual breed depending on the traits for which EBVs are calculated within the breed. Each herd receives a star rating on a 0 – 5 scale (including half stars) that summarises the “completeness” of their performance information.

Herds with a star rating of “5” are considered to be gold standard and are recording “complete” performance information for all traits for which EBVs are available.

While ultimately EBV accuracy values provide an indication of the reliability an animal’s EBVs, the “Completeness of Performance” star rating provides both seedstock and commercial producers alike with an assessment of how much performance has been submitted to BREEDPLAN by a herd when looking at the EBVs for animals within their herd.

The publication of “Completeness of Performance” star rating information differs slightly between each Breed Society, however the “Completeness of Performance” star rating is generally provided to each herd within their “Completeness of Performance” report, plus displayed on the member enquiry facility within each breed’s online database system. Users have the ability to limit animal and EBV searches based on a herd’s star rating.

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