ABRI Extension Services and BREEDPLAN provide industry-leading levels of resources to assist beef producers and the wider industry better understand and utilise BREEDPLAN and related technologies in cattle breeding. 

These resources include: 

1. Beyond the Black Box: The ABRI Extension Services eBulletin allows you to keep up to date with the latest news and technical advice for BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies. 

2. Technical Notes: A series of fact sheets that relate to the application of genetic technologies within a breeding program. This includes the various applications of DNA technologies in cattle breeding and the use of genetic evaluation information to achieve specified breeding objectives.

3. Seedstock Producer Perspectives: A series of case studies that outline how seedstock beef producers are using BREEDPLAN and/or related genetic technologies to enable genetic progress in their herds.

4. BREEDPLAN Tip Sheets: Available via the Help Centre are 90+ tip sheets that cover a variety of topics. This includes information on using and understanding BREEDPLAN EBVs and Selection Indexes, as well as information on performance recording. A number of short videos that compliment the existing tip sheets have also been developed.

5. Example Sale Catalogue Notes: Available via the Help Centre for the majority of ABRI’s Australian and New Zealand based clients, these are designed to assist seedstock producers who wish to provide an overview of BREEDPLAN information to their bull buying clients.

We are pleased to make these resources freely available for use by breed societies, breeders and the wider industry. To learn more, visit the individual page for each resource, or download the ABRI Extension Services Initiatives & Resources booklet.