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Microsoft Excel Templates - Submitting Joining Information

This file contains a template to enable the electronic submission of information relevant to your mating program to BREEDPLAN for inclusion in the calculation of Days to Calving EBVs.

Do not delete columns from these templates under any circumstances. If the column does not apply to you, simply leave the column blank. Information submitted in the incorrect format will not be processed by BREEDPLAN.

The "Example Data Submission" sheet provides example records to show how to enter the matings information into the template. Use these examples in conjunction with the explanations below as a guide when recording your matings data. 

Once you have entered your matings information into the template, please email the completed file to BREEDPLAN for processing. When emailing the file, please ensure you also include a short note providing a brief description of the mating data included in the file. (eg Autumn 2010 mating program)

BREEDPLAN takes no responsibility for data entered via the Excel template other than to try and load the information as supplied. It is the breeders responsibility to ensure that the information entered is accurate and complete.

Entering Information into the Template


This column is for internal BREEDPLAN processing purposes only. A "V" should be entered for any records in which information has been entered. Note - This value should not need to be manually entered - it should appear automatically when the Cow Ident is entered.

Herd Ident

Enter your Breed Society Herd Ident. You should only need to enter this in the first row. Once the first row is completed, the Herd Ident should automatically appear when you enter the Cow Ident.

Cow Ident

Enter the Breed Society Ident of the cow for which the joining information is being submitted. Note: the full Society Ident of the cow must be entered, not just the Tattoo.

Event Date

Enter the date of the mating program event described by the event code  for the cow in this particular mating season.
For natural matings (event code = N), this will be the "Bull In" date
For synchronisation (event code = Z), this is the start date of the synchronisation program
For AI matings (event code = I or A), this will be the AI date
For start of mating events (event code = M), this is the start of the mating program.
The date should be entered in the format of ddmmyyyy (eg. 01012000)

Event Code

Enter the event code for this mating program event for the cow in this particular mating program:
N = Natural / Paddock joining
H = Hand mating
Z = Synchronisation program
I =  Artificial insemination on observed standing heat (whether synchronised or not)
A = Artificial insemination after fixed time from synchronisation
E = ET - registered cow implanted with an embryo
M = Define mating program period (for mating programs that don't start with a Z or N event)

Sire Ident

Enter the Breed Society Ident of the sire for the joining for the cow in this particular mating season. Leave blank for Z, E and M events.

Man Grp

Enter a management group to identify mobs of cows in the same mating program. Also identify any cow/s whose fertility may have been affected by other circumstances and should be subgrouped from the mob. A maximum of three characters (letters or numbers) can be used to describe each management group.

Bull Out Date

For Natural mating events (N), enter the date the sire was removed from the cow mob. For mating periods (event code = M), enter the expected date to complete this mating program. Leave blank for Z, E, A and I events. The date should be entered in the format of ddmmyyyy (eg. 01012000)


Repeat for up to two more mating program events for the cow. Use multiple lines for each cow if more than three events are required.

Flush Date

If the cow was flushed to collect ovum, enter the date that the cow was flushed. You do not need to record a mating that corresponds to the flush (the flush date is all we need). The date should be entered in the format of ddmmyyyy (eg. 01012000).

Number of Embyros

(Optional) Enter the number of embryos that were flushed from the donor dam. Values between between 0 - 20 will be considered valid.

Preg Test Result

Enter the pregnancy test result for the cow in this particular mating season. The pregnancy test result should be either:
P = Pregnant
N = Non Pregnant
or 3 - 20 weeks if the number of weeks pregnant was specified by the technician

Date Tested

Enter the date of pregnancy testing for the cow in this particular mating season. The date should be entered in the format of ddmmyyyy (eg. 01012000)

Disposal Date

Enter the date that the cow was disposed of in this column. The date should be entered in the format of ddmmyyyy (eg. 01012000)   

Disposal Code

Enter the disposal code that best describes the reason why the female was disposed in this field. NOTE - THIS DISPOSAL IS FOR BREEDPLAN USE ONLY. This disposal is not available to the Society and the Society disposal code may be different.
The list of valid disposal codes are:
Culled or sold
A                        Cast for age
B                        Sold surplus breeding female - but not code J or F
C                        Calving incident
D                        Disease (e.g. pesti, eye cancer, etc)
E                        Eyes (pigment, hooding, etc)
F                        Not in calf (i.e. failed preg test or did not calve)
G                        Genetic condition (e.g. genetic carrier)
H                        Horns
J                         Cull unjoined heifer surplus to requirements
K                        Coat Type
P                        Poor performance (e.g. poor milking, low body condition, etc)
Q                        Appearance (type, colour, markings, Society standards, etc)
R                        Reproduction abnormality (eg freemartin, mal-formed uterus, small pelvic area)
S                        Structural problem (e.g. feet, legs, navel, etc)
T                        Poor temperament
U                        Udder or teat problems
V                        Poor EBVs
W                      Calved but failed to rear calf to weaning
X                        Susceptible to parasites (ticks, buffalo fly, worms, etc)
Died or missing
C                       Calving incident (e.g. dystocia, prolapsed)
D                       Disease (e.g. pesti, bloat, 3day, etc)
M                       Missing assumed dead
X                       Parasites (ticks, buffalo fly, worms, etc)
Y                       Unknown cause
Z                       Accident (e.g. injury, drowned, poisoned, etc)


This value should be automatically included when the cow ident is entered. The column is important and is for internal BREEDPLAN processing purposes only.


  • Where a cow has more than 3 different joinings in the one mating season, start a second row for the cow and specify the 4th joining in the Event 1 columns. Note: the Herd Ident and Cow Ident must be specified in each and every row.
  • If it is easier to enter only one joining per row for each cow, multiple rows can be used for each cow. Note: the Herd Ident and Cow Ident must be specified in each and every row.
  • Pregnancy test results can be entered as a separate record to the joining information. Note: the Herd Ident and the Cow Ident must be specified in both rows.
  • The Data Input Form is automatically set to print the first 1000 lines. If you wish to print less than 1000 lines, you will need to reset the print area.
  • If you wish to remove the information boxes that display when you click in each cell, select "Data" from the toolbar at the top of the page, then "Validation". From within this area, select the "Input Message" tab and unclick the "show input message when cell is selected" option.

Should you require any further assistance, please contact staff at BREEDPLAN.