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Microsoft Excel Templates - Submitting MateSel Information

This form is designed as a Microsoft Excel template to enable the electronic submission of MateSel parameters, candidate sire listings and candidate dam listings to for the production of a mate allocation listing and summary of mating outcomes. 

Do not delete columns from this sheet under any circumstances.
If the column does not apply to you, simply leave the column blank.

Do not delete any sheets from this file.
Send the entire excel file to BREEDPLAN for processing.

Once you have entered your data into the Excel template (i.e. the red tab worksheets), please email the completed, entire Excel file to BREEDPLAN for processing. When emailing the file, please ensure you also include a brief description of the data included in the file and any other relevant comments in lines 18-20 in the "1. MateSel Parameters" sheet.

BREEDPLAN takes no responsibility for data entered via this PC-format spreadsheet other than to try and load the information as supplied. It is the breeder's responsibility to ensure that the information entered is accurate and complete.

MateSel Parameters - Description of Each Field

The "Example MateSel Parameters" sheet provides example data records to show how to complete the fields. Use the examples in conjunction with these explanations as a guide for recording the data.