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Microsoft Excel Templates - Submitting Weights & Scanning Information

This form is designed as a Microsoft Excel template to enable the electronic submission of weights (including mature cow weights), scrotal size and ultrasound scanning performance information to BREEDPLAN for your animals.

Do not delete columns from this sheet under any circumstances. If the column does not apply to you, simply leave the column blank. Performance submitted in the incorrect format will not be processed by BREEDPLAN.

Once you have entered your performance data into the Excel template, please email the completed file to BREEDPLAN for processing. When emailing the file, please ensure you also include a brief description of the performance data included in the file.

BREEDPLAN takes no responsibility for data entered via this PC-format spreadsheet other than to try and load the information as supplied. It is the breeders responsibility to ensure that the information entered is accurate and complete.

Template Field Descriptions

The "Example Data Submission" sheet provides example data records to show how to complete the fields. Use the examples in conjunction with these explanations as a guide for recording the data.

Herd Ident Enter your Breed Society Herd Ident
kgs Indicates that the weights are in kilograms [K]
Animal Ident Enter the Society Identification of the animal. Note that the full Society Ident of the animal must be entered not just the tattoo
Disposal Code If the animal in no longer in your herd, record a Society disposal code. You must also provide an approximate date of disposal (enter in weigh date column). Please contact BREEDPLAN or your Society if you are unsure of the disposal codes for your Society.
Weigh Date Record the date of weighing (or disposal / physical weaning). Please ensure you use the correct format (ddmmyyyy). i.e a date of 1st February 2020 should be entered as 01022020
Weight Record the weight of the animal to the nearest kilogram.
Mgmt Grp Record the calf management group. A management group should be entered if some calves have been treated differently since the previous weighing. Maximum of three letters/numbers to describe each management group. If no management group is entered, it will be assumed all calves have been run under similar conditions and thus all had the same opportunity to perform.
Analysis Indicator Use this field to indicate the type of weight being recorded:
Blank - indicates post birth weight performance (standard)
W - indicates the weight was taken on the day of physical weaning. If a weight was not taken on the date of physical weaning, a separate record can be included for the animal with the date of weaning entered in the "weigh date" field.
M - indicates a Mature Cow Weight (i.e. cow weight when the 200 day weight of the calf is taken).
E - indicates a feedlot entry weight
S - indicates a pre-slaughter weight
J - indicates the weight of the cow at joining (not currently analysed)
C - indicates the weight of the cow at calving (not currently analysed)
Wet / Dry Relates to the submission of Mature Cow Weights only (Anly Ind = M). Optional, you may use this field to indicate whether the cow had a calf this season.
W = Wet (cow calved this season)
D = Dry (cow did not calve this season)
Cow Cond Enter a cow conditon score (optional).
Relates to the submission of Mature Cow Weights only (Anly Ind = M).
Castrate Should be completed if the calf has been castrated prior to the day of weighing
Flag - "Y" for castrated or "blank" means calf was a bull prior to weighing
Date - Approximate date of castration (only needs to be entered if this is the first time you have told us this animal has been castrated)
Scrotal Size Record scrotal size (circumference) in centimetres (eg 34.5). Bulls must be 300-700 days of age when measured.
Hip Ht Record the hip height in centimetres (eg 122.5) (Optional - not currently analysed)
Ultrasound Scanning Live animal ultrasound scans should be done by BREEDPLAN accredited scanners when the animal is between 300-800 days of age.
P8 Fat - Fat depth at the P8 rump site to the nearest whole mm
Rib Fat - Fat depth at the 12/13 rib site to the nearest whole mm
Eye Muscle - Eye muscle area (rib eye area) to the nearest square centimetre.
IMF% Avg - Intramuscular fat percent (eg 2.4)
IMF% Num - Number of readings (scans) used to estimate the IMF% value above (minimum of 3).
Accreditation Number - Accreditation number of the person scanning the animals. A list is available here. The accreditation number is compulsory if scan data is entered.
Docility Record the Docility Score (Optional). Animals should be scored by either using a crush or yard test when they are weaned.
Score - Scores are 1-5 (half scores allowed).
Grp - Use a single character code to describe animals whose docility scores should not be compared in the same management group (as outlined above).
Extra Traits The following table relates to submission of additional trait information.

For each optional extra trait, there are two columns to complete:   

Code   - Record the two character code to describe the trait being recorded (see table below).   

Value   - Record the value of the measurement/score of the nominated trait.

Please contact staff at BREEDPLAN for full descriptions of these traits.

Trait Description Code Units Range
Heat Girth HG cm 40-220
Hock to Dew Claw Length HD cm 15-60
Hip Width HW cm 15-100
Hip to Pin Length HP cm 15-60
Hip to Shoulder Length HS cm 45-220
Shoulder to Pin Length SL cm 45-220
Flight Time FL sec 0.1-60.0
Foot Score FS score 1-9
Leg Score LS score 1-9
Pelvic Height PH mm 50-300
Pelvic Width PW mm 50-300
Cow Condition CC score 1-6
Udder Score US score 1-9
Teat Score TE score 1-9
Left Eye Pigment EL % 0-100
Right Eye Pigment ER % 0-100
Eye Setting ES score 1-9
Sheath Score SH score 1-9
Navel Score NS score 1-9
Prepuce Score PS score 1-9
Wet/Dry Flag (Mature Wts) WD score W,D
Birth Weight Size BS score V,S,M,L,H