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A General Introduction to the BREEDPLAN Analysis

To join BREEDPLAN, you will need to complete an enrolment form and return it to your BREEDPLAN processing centre. If you require an enrolment form, please contact the BREEDPLAN office at ABRI.

Upon receipt of your completed enrolment form, the BREEDPLAN office will enrol you in BREEDPLAN and email you a kit containing all the information that you need to get started.

The Recording Process

Recording information for your calves with BREEDPLAN is a simple two stage process:

  1. Record the pedigree and birth details of your calves with your breed society. BREEDPLAN can only calculate EBVs for animals that have been recorded with your breed society. All queries regarding the recording of pedigree and birth details should be directed to your breed society.
  2. Record the performance information of your calves with BREEDPLAN.

What performance information you record with BREEDPLAN for your calves is up to you. There is no compulsory performance information that must be recorded. To get the most out of your BREEDPLAN membership, you should record performance for the traits that are important to both your breeding objectives and those of your clients. The Performance Recording Timeline (with video) outlines the stage of the production cycle at which each set of information should be recorded.

Submitting Performance Data to BREEDPLAN

Performance information can currently be submitted to BREEDPLAN by using:

  • The BREEDPLAN paper performance recording forms
  • The BREEDPLAN compatible Microsoft Excel templates
  • A BREEDPLAN compatible herd recording computer program (e.g. HerdMASTER, Stockbook)
  • The web services area offered on some breed society websites (Contact your breed society or BREEDPLAN to initialise your password).

If you decide to use BREEDPLAN paper performance recording forms, the BREEDPLAN office will create the forms that you need to submit performance information each time that you record a group of calves with your breed society. Once you have submitted this performance information, the BREEDPLAN office will generate updated forms.

Performance information can be submitted to BREEDPLAN at any time throughout the year, and as many times a year as you like.

Visit the Help Centre on the BREEDPLAN website for more information about Submitting Performance.

Calculation of EBVs

The EBVs for all performance recorded animals will be recalculated during BREEDPLAN analyses, which run monthly for most breeds. To find the data submission cutoff date for your breed, click here.

Reporting of EBVs

Following each BREEDPLAN analysis, a BREEDPLAN Herd Report will be produced for all herds that have submitted performance data in the preceding month. The BREEDPLAN reports will contain updated EBVs for sires, dams and calves as well as some information about the genetic progress being made by the particular herd for each trait. The BREEDPLAN reports will be provided in an electronic form (as .PDF files).

In addition, updated EBVs will be made available electronically via the EBV Enquiry facility on your breed society website and in an EBV file for users of compatible herd recording software.

The Traits Analysed

BREEDPLAN produces EBVs for a range of economically important traits. The EBVs currently reported within BREEDPLAN are listed on the BREEDPLAN website. A description of each EBV is available from the Help Centre on the BREEDPLAN website under the “Understanding EBVs” heading. Alternatively, a collated version of these articles can be found in the Using & Understanding BREEDPLAN EBVs booklet.

In addition to the traits listed, BREEDPLAN also produces Selection Indexes for some breeds. Selection indexes provide an overall “score” of an animal’s genetic value for a specific purpose and are based on weightings placed on individual traits that are deemed to be important for that purpose.

The Help Centre on the BREEDPLAN website hosts more information about selecting animals with BREEDPLAN information as well as articles on specific breeds’ Selection Indexes listed under the “Using Selection Indexes” heading.

Submission of Historic Data

If you have been recording performance information for your animals prior to joining BREEDPLAN, it is possible to submit this data to BREEDPLAN. For further advice, please contact staff at BREEDPLAN.

Minimum Herd Size

There is no minimum herd size to begin performance recording with BREEDPLAN. However, herds with small numbers should contact staff at BREEDPLAN to discuss their options before joining. Helpful information on small herds can be found through the Help Centre on the BREEDPLAN website.

The Costs Involved

Fees for participating in BREEDPLAN may potentially be billed by both BREEDPLAN and your breed society. For further information please contact BREEDPLAN or contact your breed society office for details of the fees billed (if any) by them. To find your breed’s fee schedule, search for your breed name plus “fee schedule” (e.g. “Brangus Fee Schedule”) in the Help Centre.

Accessing BREEDPLAN Information

The Help Centre on the BREEDPLAN website is designed to give you 24/7 access to information in a fully searchable format. Click through articles on the landing page or use the Search function to type in your query using key words. If you don’t find what you are looking for please contact BREEDPLAN.

Contact Details

Further enquiries regarding BREEDPLAN should be directed to the relevant office. Details are available on the Contacts page on the BREEDPLAN website. 

ABRI Extension Services supports the use and understanding of BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies, with the team committed to providing ABRI’s client organisations and their members with structured, consistent education and technical support. The ABRI Extension Services team are available to present on a range of beef breeding and genetic related topics at events facilitated by breed societies, industry organisations and individual producers. Contact details for the ABRI Extension Services team members can be found here.