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Some Performance Recording Tips

The reliability of the EBVs that are produced is a direct reflection of the reliability (or quality) of the performance information that is submitted to BREEDPLAN.

The downloadable document highlights the 10 of the most common issues that cause seedstock producers
problems when performance recording with BREEDPLAN. Importantly, the steps that seedstock producers can take to avoid these problems are also detailed. Careful consideration of this information allows producers to take a large step towards ensuring that they are maximising the returns from their investment in performance recording.

  1. Planning
  2. Recording Recipient Dam Information
  3. Verifying Outliers
  4. Recording of Important Traits
  5. Genetic Linkage
  6. Contemporary Group Size
  7. Single Sire Contemporary Groups
  8. Selective Performance Recording
  9. Over Management Grouping
  10. Inadequate Management Grouping