500,000+ Reasons to Celebrate

Jun 2023

500,000+ genotypes are now passing through BREEDPLAN evaluations each month

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Potential for greater accuracy on reported EBV’s, especially for young animals.
  • More accurate selection decisions can be made on younger animals.
  • True genomic relationships are used in addition to the pedigree.
  • All available information (including genotypes) is used to predict the genetic merit of individual animals more accurately – this is Single-Step BREEDPLAN.
  • Single-Step BREEDPLAN is used by these breeds:
    • Australia (Angus, Hereford, Wagyu, Brahman, Santa Gertrudis)
    • New Zealand (Hereford, Angus)
    • Overseas (Hungarian Charolais, UK Hereford, UK South Devon)
  • Single-Step BREEDPLAN is in development for:
    • Australia (Brangus, Speckle Park, Tropical Composites, Limousin, Simmental)
    • Overseas (UK Charolais, UK Beef Shorthorn, UK Angus, SA Wagyu)
  • BREEDPLAN will soon have over 600,000 genotypes passing through monthly!

Did You Know?

  • Single-Step BREEDPLAN retains as much of the available SNP information (between 50,000 – 100,000 SNPs per animal) and uses all of this in the analysis. This represents a high return on investment for all our members testing at 50K SNP densities or more.
  • The science underpinning BREEDPLAN is always at the cutting edge of genetic evaluation services world-wide. BREEDPLAN developments are regularly reviewed by a technical committee of independent scientists.
  • Single-Step BREEDPLAN evaluations are validated scientifically, demonstrating improved accuracy of prediction compared to pedigree-based evaluation.