Australian Charolais Release New Selection Indexes

Two New Selection Indexes Available

Dec 2021

Two new selection indexes for the Charolais Society of Australia have been released in conjunction with the November 2021 Australasian Charolais BREEDPLAN analysis. The new indexes are the:

  • Northern Maternal Index (NMI)
  • Domestic Terminal Index (DTI)

The two new selection indexes will replace the previous Australian Charolais selection indexes and were developed by Charolais Society of Australia in conjunction with staff from Southern Beef Technology Services (SBTS) at the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI). The two selection indexes are based on distinct production systems, with one using Charolais bulls as terminal sires, and the other retaining selected heifers as replacements. The indexes are also further differentiated on the basis of target market specifications/age.

Further information about the new selection indexes for Australian Charolais is available from the Help Centre on the BREEDPLAN website here.