Completeness of Performance Videos

Two Short Videos Now Available

Apr 2020

Confused about how to interpret your BREEDPLAN Completeness of Performance report? Not sure how the BREEDPLAN Completeness of Performance star rating system works? Or simply trying to improve the amount of performance data you collect in your herd? Then head to the SBTS & TBTS YouTube channel where two short videos on the BREEDPLAN Completeness of Performance product are now available.

The first video outlines the BREEDPLAN Completeness of Performance system and explains how to interpret your Completeness of Performance report. This report allows producers to quantify how much performance data they have submitted to BREEDPLAN, by trait and by calving year. Going through your report allows you to “stocktake” your performance recording, and ensure that all data you have collected has been submitted to BREEDPLAN.

The second video explains how to identify areas in which you could improve your Completeness of Performance star rating, and what measures you can take to do so. Each herd is given a score for animal details, weight traits, carcase traits, birth and fertility traits, and, for some breeds, other traits. By identifying areas where you are not getting close to the maximum score, you can come up with strategies to improve. It could be as simple as running the cows over the scales when you take a 200 day weight on their calf (thus collecting Mature Cow Weights), or considering collecting scrotal size records when you take 400 day weights on your male calves, rather than waiting to do so when collecting 600 day weights.

Next time you grab a tea or coffee, take 20 minutes to watch the two Completeness of Performance videos on YouTube.