Herefords Australia Releases New Selection Indexes

Four New Selection Indexes Available

Mar 2020

Four new Herefords Australia selection indexes have been released in conjunction with the October 2019 Hereford BREEDPLAN analysis. These are the:

  • Southern Self-Replacing Index (SSR)
  • Northern Self-Replacing Index (NSR)
  • Southern Baldy Maternal Index (SBM)
  • Northern Baldy Terminal Index (NBT)

These four selection indexes will replace the previous Hereford selection indexes. The new selection indexes have been developed by Herefords Australia, along with staff from the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU) and Southern Beef Technology Services (SBTS). Extensive consultation was undertaken as part of the development process, with seedstock and commercial Hereford producers, feed lotters and processors involved. This was done to ensure that the new Herefords Australia selection indexes are representative of the varied production systems that Australian Herefords are run in, including both straight-bred and cross-bred production systems.

Further information about the new Herefords Australia selection indexes is available from the Help Centre here or via the Herefords Australia website here.