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New Zealand Shorthorn Association - Example Sale Catalogue Notes

These example sale catalogue notes have been designed to assist members of the New Zealand Shorthorn Association who wish to provide an overview of BREEDPLAN information to their bull buying clients. 

With space in sale catalogues at a premium, the example sale catalogue notes have been designed in two formats:

  • Short Version (1x A4 page)
  • Full Version (2x A4 pages)

Regardless of format, those who may wish to learn more about a particular topic are provided with links to additional information, in the form of: 

  • QR codes - suitable for hard copy sale catalogues
  • Hyperlinks - suitable for electronic sale catalogues

Download the New Zealand Shorthorn Example Sale Catalogue file for example sale catalogue notes and associated QR codes. 

The A BREEDPLAN Guide to Displaying EBVs tip sheet is also available to assist you with the presentation of BREEDPLAN information in your sale catalogues.