Technical Notes


These Technical Notes provide an easy to read series of fact sheets relating to the application of genetic technologies within a breeding program.

Importance of Genetics

Do Estimated Breeding Values Really Work?

The Value of Raw Performance When Making Selection Decisions

ET Flush Siblings Are Not Identical Twins

Re-Building Herds After Adversity

Performance Recording

Using Performance Data in Breeding Decisions

Where Does This Animal Rank? Introducing the EBV Percentile Graph

Managing Inbreeding Within a Seedstock Beef Breeding Enterprise

Identifying Curve Bender Animals

Searching For Genetics Online

Breeding for Fertility

Variation in Age & Weight at Puberty in Tropical Cattle

Variation in Lactation Anoestrus in First Calf Cows in Tropical Cattle

Variation in Lifetime Annual Weaning Rate in Tropical Cattle

Variation in Male Reproductive Traits in Tropical Cattle

Breeding for Specific Production Systems

Breeding for Production System Efficiency

Breeding for Environmental Efficiency

The Maternal Female: What Makes a Good Cow?

Making Bull Selection Decisions for Heifer Matings

Meat Standards Australia: Breeding for Improved Carcase Quality

Cross Breeding

Tools of the Trade: Cross Breeding

DNA Resources

Understanding DNA Technology

Parentage Verification

Increasing Pedigree Accuracy with DNA Parentage Verification

Moving Towards SNP Parentage Verification

Single Gene Traits

Breeding for Polledness

Managing Genetic Conditions

Understanding Coat Colour

Gene Editing


An Introduction to Genomics

The Case for Genotyping Females