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The BREEDPLAN Advantage: ABRI Companion Products

ABRI companion products are a suite of Animal Breeding solutions unmatched by any other genetic evaluation provider. These products are fully integrated with one another to ensure that the same data can be used in different analyses (e.g. identical pedigrees are available to the BREEDPLAN, Geneprob & MateSel analyses and reported in the ABRI web services areas).

  • The key to the ABRI companion products is the ILR2 (International Livestock Registry 2) software that breed associations use to record, maintain and utilise the data collected by their members. This data includes all the information collected at registration (e.g. identity, pedigree) and throughout the animal’s life (e.g. performance, DNA tests). ILR2 is the system of choice for over 190 breed associations worldwide, with the current database exceeding 40 million animals.
  • ABRI has two web solutions products that interact with and report from the ILR2 databases. The Internet Solutions web enquiry system has been the public face of numerous breed association’s database for many years. ILROnline is a new development with enhanced features to further facilitate cattle producers’ interactions with the breed association databases.
  • The Completeness of Performance (CoP) star rating and report assesses the quantity of pedigree and performance information that has been submitted to BREEDPLAN.
  • BreedObject selection indexes rank animals on their overall genetic value ($/£/Rand etc) for a particular production system.
  • The MateSel software generates mating lists by balancing the effects of selection upon genetic progress, inbreeding and genetic diversity. This is a pay for service product, though feedback from clients indicates that most believe that the time saved by not having to manually allocate bulls to cows more than pays for the cost of the MateSel analysis.
  • GeneProb software tracks and predicts the incidence of genetic conditions within a breed.
  • HerdMASTER is ABRI’s herd recording software and is one of many such products that are compatible with BREEDPLAN.

Note that not all breed societies have chosen to make all of these companion products available to their members.

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