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The BREEDPLAN Advantage: BreedObject Selection Indexes

The BreedObject software used to create the selection indexes included in the BREEDPLAN analyses is the most advanced of its type anywhere in the world.

Some examples of the advantages of BreedObject selection indexes include:

  • BreedObject is the only system that fully accounts for feed costs, including accounting for net feed intake, across the whole production system. This includes accounting for variation in:
    • Feed requirements due to body composition. Variation in body composition occurs with age and production stage (e.g. pre-weaning versus post-weaning growth, empty versus dry cow).
    • Feed costs throughout the year – feed is more expensive when in short supply.
  • Ability to account for non-linear profit drivers such as both under and over fat penalties.
  • Ability to account for the different reasons that animals leave the herd (e.g. fertility versus structure), rather than just lumping all of these into a single category (e.g. stayability) and assuming they are the same trait.
  • Ability to create custom indexes personalised to individual herds and their management.

Although BreedObject is the most advanced selection index methodology in the beef world, it is constantly being improved by the Animal Genetics & Breeding Unit (AGBU) and research projects that underpin BREEDPLAN. For example, BreedObject already includes a system for including a price on carbon should this becomes a feature of any of the production systems (or markets) which beef producers are involved in.

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