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The BREEDPLAN Advantage: Supported by Research

In addition to the data and genotypes generated by the herds that utilise BREEDPLAN, there are a number of significant research projects that have contributed data and genotypes to various BREEDPLAN analysis. Some examples of Australian projects include a range of breed society supported progeny tests, the Beef Co-operative Research Centres (BeefCRC) I, II & III, Repronomics and Southern Multibreed (SMB) projects.  There are numerous other Australian based and international projects that also contribute to BREEDPLAN.

These projects not only contribute genotypes and trait data to existing BREEDPLAN EBVs, but also to traits that may be included in the BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation in the future. Each prospective trait needs to be evaluated for its relevance and/or economic value, its heritability and its relationships with other traits in the BREEDPLAN analysis. This information is essential for the accurate inclusion of a new trait in any genetic evaluation.

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