ABRI Extension Services Assists Over 1,000 Beef Producers in 2023

Year in Review

Nov 2023

The ABRI Extension Services team has assisted over 1,000 beef producers and other beef industry personnel over the past 12 months. In 2023, the team has:

  • Delivered presentations at 20 events to a combined audience of over 900 individuals. These events included BREEDPLAN and BULLSELECT workshops, as well as events run by breed societies, individual producers and other beef industry organisations. These presentations assist beef producers and personnel to improve their use and understanding of BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies.
  • Written over 50 articles for a range of publications. This incorporates articles provided to breed societies for inclusion in their magazines and newsletters, as well as articles written for the six editions of the Beyond the Black Box eBulletin published in 2023. Each edition of the eBulletin was distributed to over 3,000 beef producers and industry personnel.
  • Delivered 12 herd consultations to seedstock beef producers. Herd consultations are an excellent opportunity for participants to discuss the performance recording and genetic progress of their herd, while also providing an opportunity to discuss any BREEDPLAN related questions with a member of the ABRI Extension Services team.
  • Published over 110 posts on the ABRI Extension Services Facebook page. Equating to one post every 3 days, this has kept those following our social media channels up to date on the latest BREEDPLAN news and developments.
  • Travelled over 60,000 kilometres to deliver extension initiatives and technical advice to support the use and understanding of BREEDPLAN.

The ABRI Extension Services team will be back in 2024 to deliver a range of extension initiatives, including the launch of our online Getting Started with BREEDPLAN workshops. We are also looking forward to attending Beef Australia in Rockhampton in May.

If you are interested in having a member of the ABRI Extension Services team present at your event in 2024, please get in contact with the team as soon as possible. Please note that costs may apply.