Herd Consultations

An opportunity to sit down with an ABRI Extension Services team member for a deep-dive into the genetic progress of your herd

A herd consultation with an ABRI Extension Services team member provides BREEDPLAN members with an opportunity to discuss:

  • Levels of performance recording in their herd. This includes advice on how to record traits that are not currently being recorded in the herd and/or identification of missing performance data. 
  • The genetic progress of their herd. This includes an assessment of the current genetic position of the herd and the drivers that influence genetic improvement. 
  • Questions regarding BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies. For example, advice on when to use breeder-assigned management groups or queries regarding a specific animal.


While herd consultations vary in length depending on the depth of discussion, the typical herd consultation takes between 2-3 hours.


Herd consultations can be conducted for BREEDPLAN members located around Australia. The team aims to deliver in-person herd consultations if already in a nearby vicinity (e.g. travelling for a workshop); alternatively, herd consultations will be offered electronically.

BREEDPLAN members who are based outside Australia and who would like a herd consultation should contact the team to discuss this possibility. Please note that herd consultations for international BREEDPLAN members will be offered electronically.

Please note that charges may apply.

Want to find out more or organise a herd consultation? Contact the ABRI Extension Services team today!