Assisting beef breeders to make the best use of BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies in their herds

The one day BREEDPLAN workshops are designed for seedstock beef producers who would like to improve their use and understanding of BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies.

The ABRI Extension Services team have designed multiple BREEDPLAN workshop programs that cover various aspects of beef breeding. These include:

  • BREEDPLAN Fundamentals. More detailed than the one hour Getting Started with BREEDPLAN workshop, the BREEDPLAN Fundamentals program is recommended for seedstock beef producers who are fairly new to BREEDPLAN or who wish to refresh their BREEDPLAN knowledge.
  • Getting the Most Out of BREEDPLAN. The Getting the Most Out of BREEDPLAN programs cover more advanced topics than the BREEDPLAN Fundamentals workshop, and are recommended for all seedstock beef producers. Several programs have been developed, including one program that focuses on DNA technologies and another that focuses on breeding objectives.

BREEDPLAN workshops are delivered by two members of the ABRI Extension Services team. 


BREEDPLAN workshops are offered periodically at central locations around Australia.

The team will give consideration to running international BREEDPLAN workshops. Those interested in hosting international BREEDPLAN workshops should contact the ABRI Extension Services team to discuss feasibility.


While there will be charges associated with attending a BREEDPLAN workshop, the team aims to keep this cost affordable for beef producers. Discounts will be offered for multiple attendees from the one herd. If several BREEDPLAN workshop programs are being run consecutively, discounts will also be offered to those who choose to attend multiple days.


Upcoming BREEDPLAN workshops will be promoted via the ABRI Extension Services website, newsletter and social media accounts.

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