An opportunity for breed society personnel to upskill their knowledge of BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies

Breed society personnel are often the first port of call for members with questions about the BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation and related genetic technologies such as MateSel, Completeness of Performance and GeneProb. While breed society personnel are strongly encouraged to direct such questions to the BREEDPLAN team for assistance, having an understanding of the BREEDPLAN process and related genetic technologies is often desirable. To assist breed society staff improve their understanding of BREEDPLAN, the ABRI Extension Services team offers regular training sessions.

These training sessions are available free of charge for all staff employed by ABRI breed society clients that utilise the BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation system. This includes those clients based in Australia and overseas.

Flexibility is a key part of what the ABRI Extension Services team can offer breed society clients and their staff. Training sessions can range in length from several hours through to a full day workshop. There is also options to deliver training sessions spread across multiple weeks or months. This allows breed society personnel to undertake training on BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies without impacting too heavily upon the day-to-day running of the breed society.

There are also options for training session delivery, with opportunities for in-person delivery or delivery via online platforms (e.g. Zoom). This is particularly helpful for breed societies that are based outside of Australia or have staff spread across multiple sites.

Training opportunities include:

  • The BREEDPLAN process
  • Proof of profit: EBVs work
  • Interpreting and using BREEDPLAN information
  • ABRI companion products (e.g. MateSel, Completeness of Performance, GeneProb)
  • The use of DNA technologies in beef breeding
  • ABRI Extension Services

Are you interested in arranging BREEDPLAN training for breed society staff members? Contact the ABRI Extension Services team for more information.