The ABRI Extension Services team delivers a range of extension initiatives suitable for breed society personnel, beef producers and/or the wider beef industry. These include:

1. Getting Started with BREEDPLAN Workshops: These short online workshops are targeted at beef breeders who are new to BREEDPLAN, and would like to learn more about the BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation (including performance recording, data submission and where to access assistance). 

2. BREEDPLAN Workshops: These one day workshops are targeted at seedstock beef producers who would like to improve their use and understanding of BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies.

3. BULLSELECT Workshops: These one day workshops are targeted at commercial beef producers. Through a mix of theory and practical demonstrations, attendees learn how to utilise BREEDPLAN information, alongside visual assessment, to select the best bull for their herd.

4. Herd Consultations: An opportunity for BREEDPLAN members to sit down with an ABRI Extension Services team member to discuss levels of performance recording in, and the genetic progress of, their herd. 

5. Request a Speaker: The ABRI Extension Services team are capable and experienced presenters, and are available to speak on a wide range of beef breeding and genetics topics at events organised by breed societies, individual beef producers and beef industry groups. 

6. BREEDPLAN Training: The ABRI Extension Services team regularly provide training for breed society staff. This provides an opportunity for breed society personnel to upskill their knowledge of BREEDPLAN and related genetic technologies. 

To learn more about these extension initiatives, visit the individual page for each, or download the ABRI Extension Services Initiatives & Resources booklet.